Vaughn  Hopkinson

Born:20th January 1949

Died: 23rd November 2008




          As most of you are all aware by now, Hoppy(Vaughn Hopkinson) who ran in 73,76,79,83,86.  has sadly passed away whilst living in Spain.
Details of funeral arrangements, memorial service etc are at the early stages and as soon as I know the FULL DETAILS of the familys wishes I will pass then onto you all

Their is a possibility of a memorial service to be held in Portsmouth.  Date and venue as yet, to be confirmed.

"Brum" Wyatt

Dear All,
            A memorial service for our friend Hoppy will be held on;
Saturday 31st January 2009
St Barbara's Church, Whale island
Commencing at 10:30
Coffee and Tea will be served from 09:30 in the GIs Club
On completion of the service Coffee, Tea and a light buffet will be available
The bar will open at approx 12:00
DONATIONS: No flowers please.  Donations to Field Gun Association please.  (This will help in funding the service).
EULOGY: Anyone wishing to say few words about an experience shared with Hoppy can do so by first contacting Pete Ruddock 02392 294635
ATTENDANCE: For Security reasons a list of peoples names have to be submitted to Whale Island main gate along with Car Registration.
Please forward your name(s) along with Car details to me ASAP.
Hoppy's wife Barbara and family will be there.


The Message below was sent by Dinger Bell:

Thanks for the sad news of Hoppy.

I was a year ahead of Hoppy in the Tiff Apps and played rugby with him in Fisher Section Collingwood.  He was without a doubt one of the finest rugby players to come out of the Tiffs and he played for the RN U21s whilst an App.  He played No 10 and being a big lad he took lumps out of people even though he was one of the handbag carriers.

I ran in 1970 and was so pleased when Hoppy became one of the Pompey Legends as he progressed through the years.  I had a long chat with him at the Court in the mid '80s when he was running.  He was still the same super guy he was as a App in the 60s.

I will inform the Fisgard Association and if you visit the site you will find the odd pic of Hoppy looking very cool and handsome when he had black curly hair.  I will try and find some pics to upload.
Regards to all
Mike (Dinger) Bell 1970 B


~ RIP ~


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