Unveiling Ceremony of

the Portsmouth Field Gun Statue and Gun

Saturday 26th May 2007

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I thought that the unveiling of the Statue went quite well, and it was a good turnout considering the relatively short amount of time between receiving the official go ahead, and the event itself (28 days).

The Gathering of the Clan's (Commands) was at the Home Club (now changed to the Royal Maritime Club!), and the able bodied mustered outside and were marched proudly, by Barry "Once a GI, always a GI" Homer, into the Dockyard, paused and then entered the Arena to "Hearts of Oak",  and generous applause from those gathered around the Statue Plinths.

All three Commands were represented, which shone through after the passionate singing of 'Jerusalem', and as the echoes of "Ring~a~Ding~Ding", ably led by 'Crompers', faded, a Lady in the crowd led a "Mini~Mini~Loo", and the Red Blazers gave a "Oggie~Oggie~Oggie"! Stiring Stuff.

The only thing that didn't behave, was the normally reliable HBM (Harry Black Masker's), which with the aid of a gentle breeze, gave way to the cloth covering the Statue, before Commodore Tribe had finished his speech, and could get around to it's unveiling. I don't think it really spoiled things though?

Fine Food and Drink followed at the Old Naval Academy, with recollections of Saturday Mornings on 'the Track' followed by "Big Eats" and numerous "Sherb's" at the 'Hole in the Wall'!

Unfortunately there was no "Jo's" to retire to at the end of the night!!!


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