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Charity Bicycle Ride from Scotland to Coventry

I received this e-Mail Message 3rd July 2007:

Hi Folks,

I wrote to you via e-mail twice during last couple of weeks regarding our forthcoming Cycle challenge to request inclusion in August edition "Navy News", raising sponsorship money for the care of of our recently deceased colleague/ Friend (second e-mail) "Paul Dunn" and St Dunstan's summer camp HMS Sultan which the FAAFGC have supported since FAA field gunning early days, in this 100 years of field gunning year.

The family of Paul Dunn contacted us yesterday to tell us that the care received from St Margaret's hospice Yeovil by Paul was very poor and uncaring, so, at the Families request and if it is not already too late for print date, could we please alter the list of charities to be supported to...

"St Dunstan's summer camp, HMS Sultan",

The Pancreatic Cancer Society

and, McMillan Nurses.

Sorry for any problems caused by his late alteration but having heard that "One of our own and a very special person" was treated this way we wish to do what we can to ensure Pauls family are happy with the destination of the funds raised.

Please confirm receipt, Thank You.

ron allen 

I received this e-Mail Message in the Evening of Saturday 26th May 2007:

Hi Thommo,

Just got back to Cornwall after the fantastic & historic event of the, "Bronze Field Gunner" in Portsmouth dockyard.

A really "BIG" THANK YOU to your lads today (and I didnt even get around them all) in their outstanding responses to our request for sponsorship for our forthcoming 400 mile cycle challenge from Carnoustie to Coventry in aid of support in the care of "Paul Dunn" Field Gunner, FAA, RN & Inter Command Rugby Captain during the 70s, and everybody's friend, who sadly has terminal pancreas cancer and is being cared for by St. Margaret's Hospice Yeovil, also, St. Dunstan's Summer Camp HMS Sultan, which as you know is our FAAFGA long term charity which we felt in this the 100 years of field gunning year we should include.

I counted the cash donated today, mostly from "Portsmouth Command" association members, amazingly you guys forked out 525.00 !

We still have Command 100 to raise some more sponsorship, where we hope to be able to speak to more of your guys as well as the, "Devonport" boys and our own FAAFGA guys, as we have only spoken so far to our FAAFGA colleagues that attended today and we have FAAFGA Reunion in September to give that final push. Again "Thank You" to you all. I have already telephoned "Stan Bowles" 77 crew and team leader for our small challenge team and "Trevor Wilkinson" Chairman FAAFGA, to tell them what your guys did for us today, they are, as I am, overwhelmed !    

Ron "Darby" Allen ~ 78 crew, and humbled.

And this one after asking for more details:

Hi Thommo, yes details as follows....

Paul Dunn ran 70, 73 & 76 crews, was Rugby Captain FAA, RN & Combined Services over some three years and from all who know him, Paul would be the first to support anyone of us.

We are putting out a team of three members from '76, '77 & '78 crews to cycle the 400 miles from Carnoustie to Coventry at 80 miles a day approx to arrive at Royal Court Hotel Coventry at 1600hrs approx Friday 14th September 2007 where the FAAFGA reunion weekend will be in progress, we also have a support driver from '72 crew.

Training began late March following Paul's signal on our FAAFGA website stating that his illness was terminal.

This being 100 years of "Field Gunning" year we also decided that we must include our colleagues at St Dunstan's Summer Camp, HMS Sultan, as it is our association's long term charity. 

Thommo, hope that is enough info, must go get the bike out now as the rain has stopped and the wind dropped, S*** !


Ron (Darby) Allen

St. Dunstan's Information



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