Combined Services Cycle Sportive

Sunday 8th June 2008

Ladies and Gents,

Im after your money but its all for a good cause.

On 8th Jun I will be riding the 125 mile (200 km) Combined Services Cycle Sportive (see link), and using the opportunity to raise money for Rowans Hospice, a palliative care home near Portsmouth.  There are more details on the website just click on the link below and add your sponsorship to the list, its as easy as that.  Having said that, if youre really uncomfortable about donating on line I will of course take cash donations; all sponsorship is most welcome.

Please pass this email on to anyone else Ive forgotten (and apologies if you get more than 1 copy from various distributions).  Thank you very much.

For those listed below, could you push this out on respective electronic distribution please (VMT):

Dave Northwood band

Dougie Nelson band

Paul London Quartists

Helen Fleet Ops

Brum Field Gun


Cdr Bug Wrightson RN


Mil: 9360 46177

+44 (0) 1923 846177




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